The oldest guest farm in South Africa – since 1935. Melton Wold is our little piece of heaven in the heart of the Karoo, come enjoy Karoo hospitality at its best on a historic farm where time seems to stand still.

The Manor House - 1925


Put away your woes and worries for a week or so.

Turn out all disturbing thoughts and let your troubles go.

If you’re on a holiday and have no work to do – it will not restore you if your mind’s not resting too.

It is good to be at leisure in the sun to sit, but it will not give you any lasting benefit – if you have a lot of things you’re bothering about.

Problems come a-rushing in unless you shut them out.It is not enough to get away from the routine. You must find an inward peace and make your mind serene….

Do not let your thoughts go working down the same old tracks. Give your brain a holiday. Stop worrying. Relax.

Patience Strong – July, 1966.

(Please note that there is limited cellphone connectivity on the farm).